Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Itsuka douyobi-ban ni naru

JLPT stands for:

a. Japanese Language Proficiency Test

b. Japanese Love Powerful Testicles

c. Japanese Lay-people Pay Taxes

d. Japanese Ladies Parade Tartily

I signed up for JLPT 3 to be taken in December this year, and at that instant my registration cash met the hands of the registration officer's, I knew I have to try my best to chew down the part that was too big for my bite, but which I went on to chew anyway.

A little Googling for some JLPT past papers revealed to me the enormity of the challenge, of audaciously taking on a test of my profiency of a language I had barely learned for a little over a year, passing with only walking monochromes every time a test comes my way. A further research in the library shows how I have underestimated the depth of the history, quirks and cultural disparities of the language from the ones I already know (English and Chinese). That goes for any language I could've chosen, I guess.

So, if I emerge unscathed from the test, what would I have actually proven?

a. That, as in Don Henley's song "Heart of the Matter", "the more I know, the less I understand..."?

b. I can take a really big bite that outsizes my mouth and chew everything down without choking myself to death, then come out unscratched and tell everyone "Hell yeah! I've overcome the Goliath!"?

c. I can deceive myself into believing that I am really getting proficient in Japanese, and I'm ready to march into the Land of the Rising Sun and counter-conquer them, and actually believe it?

d. That, with self-belief, a healthy dose of self-confidence, and enough hard work, I can do whatever I put my mind to?

The list of questions goes on...Next in line:

So what?

I'll still do what I want to do. I take on the challenge 'cos it's what I want to do. It's not about proving anything to anybody. Like one of the more inspiring characters I've read about, namly Richard Branson, Virgin head honcho, says, "It's about not wasting your life."

When it all comes down, it's about finding your way to being your Saturday night.

What are you waiting for?


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